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What else can you do with an industrial-style container?

The unique appearance of the container industry style, hard and changeable, through art design and combination processing, not only do restaurants, cafes, but also can be applied to accommodation, office and other scenes, with its superior design, bring users a sense of freshness and become the trend of choice, this period together to enjoy the creative container construction of foreign bar!


The use of industrial containers to interpret rural architecture is the original intention of French architect Patrick Partouche.

Patrick Partouche completed the eight-container double-decker country house in 2010.

The 208-square-meter modern home cost about 221000 euros (1.71 million yuan) and is located in the scenic suburb of Lille, France.

Eight shipping containers are used throughout the building and the exterior of the recycled containers is painted red. The color adds to its charm, and the patchwork arrangement adds to the balance of the house.

In addition to glass doors and windows, the designer also cut many metal openings, which help the interior and external environment communication.

Interior decoration highlights the theme of industrial sense, living room, dining room and kitchen are open, in one breath also reduced the sense of the interior.

Green carpets and colorful chairs break the tedium of black furniture. When the sun shines in, the metallic reflective effect makes the whole space more transparent.

Environmental Protection and re-creation are the important ideas of container housing design. The metal spiral staircase connects the public and private areas, the hallways and staircases are recycled, and even the extra iron pieces that have been cut off have become interior decorations.

Taking into account the nature of metal heat absorption allows the designer to carry out heat insulation treatment on the wall, and increased the winter heat preservation function.

Although it is a container transformation, the second floor also ensures that children have enough play space. Between the movement and static, played the largest function of the space. More and more people are abandoning traditional houses and moving their lives into container homes, not only to be unconventional, but also to spread the concept of green living to more people.


The National Railway Museum restaurant is located east of the railway station on Limen Road, the restaurant consists of a 450-square-meter restaurant, a 310-square-meter cafe and four additional containers for a converted cafe.

These containers are installed off-site and then hoisted into place.

The bright façade is used for brand promotion. The yellow container is the ice cream stand and the red container is the pizza stand. The adjacent gray container contains the cleaning and preparation area.

Three containers were used in the dining area (one of which was also cut in half) to provide a half-covered seating area.

Container can increase the adaptability to the function of space is not only the use of single box space, through the combination of boxes can shape more types of buildings.


Located in Xigong City, Hyogo County, the container house-themed cafe is a steel-framed structure with a total floor area of 185.43 m2 and a swimming pool for visitors, at the same time around the summer theme of the fresh color palette to give visitors a fresh feeling of summer.

Inside, the first floor of the cafe is a textured communal dining area. Design tones to orange-based, log color, warm color lighting, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. The bar is set in a corner of the pavilion. The combination of wooden bar and high chair adds retro elements. There is also a high-quality sofa by the window, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

To create privacy, the cafe offers 3 different types of private rooms, including a retro luxury leather sofa room, a lively and romantic cloth sofa room, a children's recreation room, and a wooden-framed terrace. There are also simple tables and chairs on the terrace on the top floor, where customers can choose to dine outdoors.


The resort house, built from a black container, takes a bold approach to its exterior, with mountains painted in orange and red.

This eye-catching design gives the house a unique connection with nature. Although the shape and texture of the container is far from that of nature, the mountains painted on it act as a bridge between man and nature, as if to tell us that even modern steel buildings, it can also coexist in harmony with nature.

Black as the main tone gives a sense of stability, calm, and bright orange red as a flame general, giving people an impression of enthusiasm and vitality. The collision of these two colors, resulting in a strong contrast effect, so that the appearance of both a modern house, but also lose personality. The drawing of the mountains softens the contrast, as if volcanoes were rising from the plain, with a sense of power and artistic charm.

Although the container house has been designed in such an artistic way, its practicality has not been affected. The rugged and reusable nature of the container makes it an ideal housing material.

Such a design not only meets the People's pursuit of beauty, but also to achieve the living function requirements, a perfect fusion of art and practical.

Container buildings not only have a strong sense of overall shape and uniform style, but also can achieve 100% factory prefabrication, reduce construction waste generation, and at the same time can be lifted to the ground, saving construction time, installation convenience, project landing fast. Compared to traditional buildings, it is more economical, high utilization rate and mobility make it cost-effective, and the container building also has high environmental sustainability, it is one of the important branches of the future construction industry.

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