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Integrated with nature, simple but not simple container vacation home ~

Excellent container architecture design is always good at adapting to local conditions, this period together to see through the designer's ideas, and harmony with nature container holiday architecture ~


The Box Hop

Emily and Seth Britt had been looking for a place in Ohio to escape their busy city life. After a year or so of planning, they built their first container house, turning their dream into a reality.

Now they also have their own company, Box Hop, which rents out container buildings they design and build as short-term resorts. Their newest member is a little house called Hygge Box Hop in Rockbridge, just 12 miles from Hocking Hills State Park.

The two-story Hygge Box Hop consists of a total of seven stacked containers: three 12m and four 6m. Designed to accommodate around 10 people, it is ideal for large families or large groups of friends.

Nordic style of decoration and natural and black wood veneer of the combination of interior comfort and warmth.

During the stay, guests will enjoy four private balconies, a six-person sauna, a hot tub and a large outdoor patio, as well as a grill and two hanging fireplaces.

The table seats eight people. It has a gas fireplace and a“All-glass” garage door that opens to a rooftop terrace for summer cocktails and sunbathing.

It is a very private setting, with secluded tranquility, but only a few miles from the main highway -Routeoute 33) and close to all the sightsHawkinskHillhill.


“Colo crossings” private residence

At the top of a steep slope on Koro,Sungai, Australia, the “Colo crossings” private residence by Benn and Penna architects blends harmoniously into the landscape, bringing natural and man-made forms closer together.

The project presents itself as a U-shaped container structure, with a minimalist color scheme and a series of extended openings that feature a vibrant environment.

The team of Benn and Penna architects chose a dark monochrome palette to create a house that sits deferentially in a mottled green landscape and complements the bright hues.

The minimalist house appears on the hilltop as a three-tone horizontal structure: a black terrace set on a rocky terrain, followed by a green container, topped by a silver roof landscape. The architects crafted a unique and famous resort using the crude and efficient structure of the container.

The focus of the project is to provide the occupants with a spacious view of the environment, including a large opening and a protruding glass walkway. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open-plan kitchen and living room. Inside, the exposed concrete floors and plywood kitchen are designed to pay homage to the original, unchanging environment.

As a secluded place away from the urban environment, the house ensures that residents stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in the rural environment.

Due to budget constraints, the Benn and Penna architects adopted Everything Changes as their main method of construction. The house consists of off-the-shelf containers and exposed structural components to minimize costs and facilitate construction. The original rock bedrock serves as a natural foundation for the steel structure anchored in the rock, providing a strong shelter that can withstand frequent landslides in the area.

The region's rural environment and forest fire regulations also make architects focus on self-collection and water responsibility. The building includes a pointed roof and a series of tanks to collect rainwater for use. In addition, a circular pool is installed in the center of the house to ensure protection in case of fire.


Island Rest vacation home

Island Rest is a“Home away from home” designed by Strö m Architects for a family of four who want a place to spend quality time together.

Island Rest house is a single-story container structure covered with black-stained larch beams to avoid disturbing the views of the surrounding natural landscape.

Since the area around the Island Rest is prone to flooding, it is placed at the highest point. One end of the house rests on a hillside, but as the slope slopes, slender metal supports are used to lift the structure.

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls were installed on both sides of the house to maximize visibility and natural light.

Inside is an open-plan living and dining area, complete with a cool dark-decked kitchen.

Each room is furnished with a basic simplicity, simplicity and refinement, complete with bathroom amenities, and access to a small deck leading to a swimming pool and a verdant garden.

The beautiful landscape is pleasing to the eye, while the pruned wildflower path leads to areas where different functions can be distinguished.

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