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Escaping the concrete forest, some people are living out their idyllic dreams with container houses

Recently, a post-90s Guangzhou couples will be 17m2 container into a creative wedding room in the news quickly became popular on major platforms, causing widespread attention and heated discussion.

The highly educated couple, who left the city naked, rented a wasteland of 1,300 square meters in Nanlang Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, and converted a 17-meter container into a wedding room, demonstrating the courage and creativity of the young people, it also presents an alternative way of life.

In this era of high housing prices, many people have thought of such a question: Do not buy a house, do not loan, can really settle down and live an ideal Xanadu life? Container housing may help you realize this idyllic dream.


Nikki, the meaty god of flowers, plunged into gardening right out of college and has been growing flowers and waiting for grass ever since.

Back in 2012, he had a 50-square-foot garden yard, an abandoned terraced glass house and a 600-square-foot meat garden, the ultimate dream for many who love their idyll.

But Nikki thought it wasn't enough! As an avid gardener, he wants to create his own garden kingdom!

To this dream, he did a big thing in 2016, and friends under a 110 acres of abandoned hills, lease for 25 years!

Many people think that Nikki should be very rich, rich people are willful, in fact, his income is not high, so he sold his house in Weihai City, moved to the mountains with his family.

After selling his house, his rambling garden road began. Very excited to get the ground, but after the excitement a little dazed, such a large open space, how to start? He walked around with a shovel, and finally decided to use 40 acres of land to build a greenhouse for meat, 30 acres to plant pine forests, and the remaining 40 acres for garden living.

After the land leveling, but also dig drainage ditch, hit the foundation, paste gravel, buried pipe... ... nothing was easy, Nikki did it himself, and it took a lot of energy.

Last but not least, we need to do something big: hang a batch of second-hand containers to build a house! Yes, his small house is going to do with containers, pure iron sheet, which is a reference to a lot of foreign cases of container transformation after the decision!

Container to change into a two-story house, the difficulty is not general big, to consider stability, safety, ventilation, water leakage, insulation and other issues, but also to build windows and doors, paint.

After more than a month of cutting decoration, finally had the appearance of the Big House!

The next step is to build a fence around the container house. The walls and fences are made of antiseptic wood and painted.

The extra wood was used as a tool-house, and all the tools for growing flowers were neatly arranged in it.

Outside the wall dug a side pond, planted some Lotus Bowl, raised a few small fish.

In summer it will be the most beautiful, with Lotus quietly blooming with purple, pink and yellow flowers, and fish swimming in the pond and leaping from time to time.

All of this can be seen from the second floor of the container.

The remaining task was to dig holes and fill the soil, plant all kinds of flowers and plants, and hope that time would turn this barren mountain into a paradise full of flowers.

Garden Day, every day is very dirty, very hard, but after causing, you will feel, everything is worth it! Let's have a look at the garden after it is built.

In the middle of the fleshy platform stood a foreign goddess, showing off her unique wealth with all her flesh. Behind the Goddess is a blue exotic, this is a fairy tale only place.

The first time you step in here, you feel like you've stumbled into a magical dream.

The original container into a white sun room small castle, wooden walls full of bright-colored roses, beautiful to the bubble.

Outside the Sun Room, an outdoor restaurant was built with extra wooden planks. It was extended out as a leisure area for the whole family.

Spring is the most beautiful time in this outdoor restaurant. Clematis and various kinds of vines are crawling all over the window panes and door frames

Weekend parents will come up to help with the garden, the whole family to do a table of delicious food, eat and drink, talk and laugh, a day passed...

Occasionally, they would invite their friends over to play. On the white table, there were one or two bouquets of fresh flowers. The water culture was rich and meaty, and they were decorated with a plate of fresh fruit. A few friends sat around, taking photos, and admiring the flowers, too Beautiful to go ~

Weekends are a paradise for children. Nikki built a little tree house for her daughter. There is a beautiful begonia tree in front of the tree house.

The mountain life is lively and rich, the scenery is clear all year round, every day there are new changes, spring daffodils and hyacinths open the first, tulips, February orchid followed.

May and June, is the rose and Hydrangeas of the world, a large open, yellow red, blue purple, rich, elegant, a ball, a cluster of clusters, not open to amazing!

Lilies are also unwilling to lag behind, around the water edge, under the tree opened a piece, the wind blowing, floating bursts of fragrance, even the air can let a person intoxicated!

In September, the garden officially entered the autumn, all kinds of beautiful grass and flowers are in full bloom, some are still scattered on the boardwalk on both sides, let a person how can not enjoy!

Gold nine silver ten, overnight all the leaves are yellow, red, yellow and green mixed together, like a palette, to the small yard to add a lot of colorful colors!

Autumn wind blowing, the path covered with yellow leaves, it seems some bleak, but this is the temperament of autumn, leaves also have the beauty of Leaves ~

The mountain cooling quickly, November has entered the winter, get up early in the morning, the window of the few flowers left, a few cedar covered with fog and frost, but also a unique charm.

When it snows, the garden is like a castle in a fairy tale.

Enchanting meat and nostalgic decorations from all over the place are a Hands All Over reason.

Life in the mountains is very simple, very real, full of surprises and expectations every day, and sometimes it is also inevitably quiet, monotonous, for people who like to deal with plants, such monotony has a rare peace and ease.


Jaimie and Dave were part of the working class before they built this crazy container house. Nine to five every day, busy working, busy making money. But Dave always believed that even though he was stuck in a boring life, he could do something different.

After saving enough start-up funds, the couple hit it off, their own hands, the two containers into a mountain forest landscape mansion!

On the face of it, the container shed seems a bit unremarkable. Wait for you to go in, just can discover, in this small 39m2 space, hide unexpectedly 2 bedroom one hall one kitchen one bathroom, still have Super View Terrace!

Although the original is a crude container, but in Jaimie and Dave's transformation, the house functions and environment is a look to live in the degree.

A door, dark wood floor greeted the eye, beautiful patterns and simple color matching, echoing the forest scenery outside.

This is two people usually rest sitting room, although the space is not big, but sofa, fireplace, circle a few, a lot.

Autumn, you can listen to the sound of falling leaves here, winter, roast fire watching snow is a big fun.

Living Room and kitchen junction, the extension of the counter is a small restaurant for two people.

Although it looks small, it can accommodate 6 people, usually two people in this and children to eat or invite friends to dinner, very comfortable.

In the walk, is all small dream of large space kitchen! Assembly of a full-size integrated cooker, Dishwasher, refrigerator and other electrical appliances, in a limited space to achieve 0 discard, can fully meet the needs of ordinary cooking.

The kitchen countertop made of granite has a touch of luxury. Jaimie laughs and says it's because of the small size of the home that the two have the opportunity to use this high-end craft.

Next to the kitchen was a family bathroom. Not only did it separate the wet from the dry, but there was also a tall walnut storage cabinet at the junction of the two rooms. The functionality and storage capacity were all new!

At the end of the first floor was the family's children's bedroom. Now that the children have moved out as adults, it has become a storage room for two.

With this warehouse, clothes, books, food can be safely stored, and placed all in good order, can be called the Gospel of OCD!

If the first floor is just a full-featured small unit of light, the second floor is simply Infinite Scenery Garden of Eden on Earth.

Follow the spiral escalator up to the second floor of the house, which is stacked on top of a smaller container.

The first thing they did was to expose the beautiful forest scenery through the huge windows. Wow! Isn't this the kind of room you dream of staying in? !

Big and comfortable double bed, specially selected and out of the window scenery echoes the forest wind. Lying here on the double bed, you can not only see the green eyes, but also hear the sound of leaves in the forest, the sound of water between the streams.

Every day, Dave would put a bird feeder by his bedroom window and wait to say good morning to the birds that came in the morning.

Jaimie and Dave's home, the most fascinating, is the open-air balcony outside the bedroom. Due to the size of the two containers above and below, the open space is a perfect place for two people to enjoy the scenery and rest.

Here, the view is endless valley scenery.

Two people often enjoy here in the morning coffee or evening meal, everything is so leisurely and comfortable.

Isn't that cool?


In the village of Linyi in Shandong province, there is a small courtyard full of green in spring, flowers in summer, fruits and vegetables in autumn and snow in winter. The owner of this small courtyard, is to give up the city life, return to the countryside of the spring one.

They have lived for nearly two years in villages far from the hustle and bustle of the city, turning dilapidated chicken coops and sheep pens into romantic homes, shipping containers into bright, Lovely sunrooms... Plant healthy, fresh vegetables in the yard, make fun swings and tree houses for your daughter in the spring...

In fact, just back to the village, a spring face many difficulties, the home yard was originally used to raise small animals, dirty environment, transformation process difficulties. Spring father a person to serve as bricklayer, carpentry, water and electricity is also their own hands to transform, small courtyard has now slowly looked like.

Because the village is not allowed to build a new house in the yard, in order to have independent space, parents bought a container in spring, as a family of three small home.

Container with insulation layer, so and build the house is no different, although only 13.8 square meters, but reasonable planning, equipped with air conditioning, hot and cold are not afraid.

Close to the yard side is a large floor-to-ceiling window, not only to increase indoor lighting, but also sit in front of the window to enjoy their own courtyard.

The interior of the container is made of wood, and the fresh Scandinavian wind complements the natural simplicity of the yard.

The wooden bookcase that reaches the top can be used not only to place book, also can receive a few knickknacks.

The family of three can study and work at a nearby desk, or do crafts together.

On one side of the container is the living space of a family of three. As spring is growing up, the original small bed needs enough space to stretch, and the interior needs a little more storage space, so in spring dad redesigned a bunk bed.

Two side cabinets as storage space, parents sleep on the upper bunk, the following is their own small space in spring.

The bathroom was separated by an arched door. The mirror facing the arch and the nordic-style washstand were very ornamental. Moreover, the small bathroom was also made to separate the wet and dry parts. It was really a small sparrow, with all its organs.

The kitchen is shared with my grandparents, there are many sundries need to be collected, the biggest problem is rice and noodles. In the city, you may only need to buy a small bag at a time to go home. But in the countryside they grind a lot of rice at a time and then store it in a snakeskin bag, which is not only damp but also messy. So in the spring my father made a big enough moisture-proof rice barrel, the perfect solution to this problem.

A variety of pots and pans were hung directly on the roof, wooden cabinets not only beautiful shape, but also to provide enough storage space for kitchen supplies, and even kitchen firewood are placed neatly.

Of course, this is all thanks to the one-handedly build all of the spring dad, I have to say, he is really strong hands-on ability.

The yard was divided into different areas for growing flowers or fruits and vegetables. The rest of the yard was covered with grass. A winding stone path ran through the yard. Walking along the path, one could feel the different surprises brought by the four seasons of the year.

Father specially built a 4-meter-long table in spring, when the weather is good, you can sit on it to eat breakfast, you can make all kinds of delicious food on it.

Invite friends to the yard on weekends, experience the life of nature.

The most eye-catching yard is the spring father specially built for the spring of the small tree house, the fairy tale into real life.

Under the tree house is a sandbox, here is the children's Paradise, where you can enjoy a happy childhood.

Spring father also specially set aside a small garden for spring, spring to decide what kind of vegetables, their own care, waiting for crops to take root and sprout, blossom and fruit, feel the magic of nature.

Perhaps this is also at her stage, back to the meaning of rural life it.

The chicken coop in the yard has also been transformed into a“Double-decker villa” by my father in spring. There are special holes in the back of the chicken coop for picking eggs, which not only increases egg production, but also increases children's recreational activities.

After the initial difficulties and confusion, now spring a family of three, very much enjoy their rural life, every day to live a full and interesting.

The land warmed up in the spring, and the couple began to study sowing seedlings to lay the foundation for the autumn harvest. The first batch of fruits and vegetables to pick the season, is the real natural green food.

Autumn in the yard to pick up leaves for the Christmas tree, in advance for Christmas preparations. Participate in harvesting corn, peanuts, experience the hard harvest and joy.

They have no place to live from the beginning, into can live down, and“Can live down” into“Good Live”, a strong sense of happiness.

Whether you choose to go back to the countryside, or choose to work in the city, as long as you know your goal, work hard in this direction, inner well-being, and eventually life will become like a dream.

As spring mother said: “We do a good job on the line, as for the harvest, do not worry, spring will come.”

This life, does it appeal to you?

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