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Who We Are

Platinum Building Technology Development, Fast and Efficient Modular and Prefab Construction was established in 2008 as a comprehensive manufacturing and trading company based in Shanghai. 

We have the industrial and managerial capability to fully satisfy your every demand which has consequently lead us to develop a large and engaged customer base. Our products sell well in the Chinese domestic market but the overseas market is where we excel, with over 80% of our sales coming from regions such as Oceania, Northern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 


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Core Values


Global strategy and business design firm. We help our clients to build strategies and design for their building requirements


The transparency of a business and inside a business is not only valued by its interveners (teams and clients), but also brings value to the business itself.

And that's Platinum can guarantee.


We are Accessible.
As trusted Service provider, supplier and manufacturer, we take problems off of your plate and put them onto ours.  You can expect to see our value of access. 

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