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Uncover the mystery of the luxury mountain mansion

Steel structure prefabricated villa in North Carolina, USA


As the project is located in a mountainous area, there are many difficulties in the terrain,

transportation and on-site construction of the project. After more than two months of communication between the Platinum Building design team and the client, the design plan was finally confirmed.

For the entire project, Platinum Building uses digital project management. The supply chain and parts production and tracking are digitized, and the production schedule of the factory, construction site, equipment, materials, structure, etc. are uniformly controlled and managed through the central platform. At the same time that Platinum's prefabrication plant began to produce prefabs, the customer's project site has begun foundation construction, and both sides have been carried out at the same time to shorten the project time.

(Prefabrication plant material preparation)

(Project site foundation)

Through digital management, understand the project's foundation construction progress at the same time, so as to control the production schedule of the prefabricated factory, as well as the packaging and transportation process time, to ensure that the main steel structure can be delivered to the project site on time when the foundation construction is completed.

(The foundation of the project site is completed)

The foundation construction was completed, and the main steel structure materials were delivered to the site as planned. IoT tracking and management of all components are built step by step according to the drawings.

For hoisting operations at the construction site of the project, large "monsters" will help.

The connection between the light steel structure and the foundation is the key to the entire project. Platinum Building provides professional technical services and cooperates with customers on the construction site.

The connection between the foundation and the steel structure is complete!

Start to build the main steel structure of the villa.

This villa is built in a mountainous area with a drop on the ground, which makes it quite difficult to build.

In just 6 weeks, the main building of the house was basically completed. Let's take a look at the comparison chart of the project effect and the real scene.

Prefabricated steel structure buildings can save 30% to 40% in terms of construction period and labor cost, and have absolute advantages in terms of robustness, wind resistance, and earthquake resistance. More than 90% of the materials can be recycled.

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