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Turning into a cafe, the container can also be very literary and fresh

The recyclable shipping container is a sustainable product. Due to its modularity and economical advantages, the external dimensions of the container break the rigidity of the existing site layout, which is very suitable for the design of cafes. In this issue, let's enjoy two beautiful and artistic container creative cafe buildings.

British cafes with rooftops

The Driftwood Spars landed in

Picturesque Trevaunance Cove in St Agnes

Sea view with all-round view

Four-star hotel service for travelers

and a company called The Crib Shack

The matching cafe

This cafe is very special

It was built from a 20-foot container

Folding Roof Roof with Detachable Staircase

Color is sea blue

It seems that the surrounding is followed by a small fresh

Even the sea view is beautiful

The cafe features three sliding windows with stainless steel gas struts

The flap opens upwards for full cafe service

There is also a small door on the side of the box for easy access

To ensure the design fits seamlessly into the seaside vision

In addition to using coastal blues

Natural wood finishes and industrial brass pendant lighting

Make the indoor environment look very warm

The small roof on the second floor goes up from the iron ladder

wooden table and chairs

Customers can eat upstairs after ordering downstairs

At the same time, you can enjoy the vast sea view not far away


You can also choose to stay under the umbrella in front of the first floor door

Enjoy coffee with the sea breeze

It's a very relaxing scene

Korean Forest Cafe

Niche things are always intriguing

Cafe hidden in the forest

Although it has never been able to reach the flow of people in the city center

but always attracts many repeat customers

This cafe is located in the forest of Sinbong-dong, Yongin

It's just a pursuit of leisure

Container cafes that don't care about traffic

Pure white plus wooden shell

It is the shaping condition of the cafe's temperament

Soften the industrial metal atmosphere brought by the container

And the scenery of the mountains comes in through the glass windows on the container

Decent forest cafe

Bright interior lighting

The original elongated shape of the container is maintained

Create an exclusive multi-person dining room

And in another box

The most prominent is the brick wall built in an iron box

It's like living in a red brick house in a shipping container

don't have a mood

Flexibility, Modularity, and Sustainability

Makes containers the perfect alternative to traditional buildings

Can reduce carbon footprint

is an ecologically and economically sustainable solution

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