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To build a villa, is light steel structure worth choosing?

In recent years, with the strong support of "rural revitalization" by national policies, advocating green buildings, energy saving and environmental protection, recycling, and residential industrialization, industrialization, light steel structure buildings that meet almost all requirements are excellent representatives of "green buildings" and become various New industries that are concerned and promoted by governments, real estate developers and investors.

The prefabricated components of light steel structure houses are as high as 95%, which is a new type of building material; villas built with light steel structures are rapidly popularized in various places due to the characteristics of fast construction speed and low production cost.

So, are light steel villas worth choosing?


Advantages and disadvantages of light steel villas

The light steel villa originated in the early 20th century. It is supported by light steel keel through precise calculation and auxiliary materials, assembled into a roof truss system with uniform bearing capacity, and then used light plates and thermal insulation materials to form walls, roofs and floors. .

Advantages of light steel villas


Flexible and diverse: Compared with traditional buildings, light steel villas have beautiful appearance and various styles, which can realize the layout of complex structures.


Superior performance: better thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, more comfortable living; better shock resistance, wind resistance, snow resistance, insect resistance and other functions, higher safety factor; light weight, high strength, wider application range.


Environmentally friendly and practical: From material use to installation to dismantling, it is more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and will not cause waste; high-efficiency light-weight thin-walled materials are used, occupying a small area, and a larger practical area than traditional buildings.


Short construction period: Structural design, detailed drawing design, computer simulation installation, factory manufacturing, site installation, etc. are carried out simultaneously with a small time difference, and the construction period is short.

Inadequacies of light steel villas

There are requirements for building floors: building light steel structure houses is basically suitable for low-rise buildings. At present, our country has relatively mature technology for light steel structure houses with 1 to 3 floors. Light steel technology civil villas generally only achieve 3 floors, 6 Above the floor, special treatment is required, otherwise the load-bearing of the house will have problems and affect safety.


Construction requirements for light steel villas

The requirements for construction design are relatively high:

When designing the architectural drawings of light steel villas, in addition to considering the types of components, it is also necessary to consider how the machinery is produced, the hoisting points to the site in the future, how to connect the modules, the safety performance and waterproof performance of the connection points, etc. This requires design The author has enough knowledge about the construction of light steel villas.

The material requirements are relatively high:

The main steel of the cold-formed thin-walled light steel house must be made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials. Aluminized zinc with the same coating thickness is more corrosion-resistant than galvanized, and S550 is stronger than Q235.

The construction requirements are relatively high:

Now the connection process of light steel structure houses is an important condition to ensure the quality and safety of the light steel villas built. In addition to being able to understand the construction drawings, the construction team for the installation of light steel villas must also be proficient in installation technology. Therefore, construction workers must undergo relevant technical training in advance before they can take up their posts, and they must strictly check the details.

Boshi Technology provides customers with a complete set of prefabricated housing solutions. Starting from the design drawings, everything is done as much as possible in Boshi's "prefabrication factory", using the "modularity" concept: the whole wall, the whole roof, and the whole room module. Build, greatly shorten the construction time!

Platinum Prefabricated Housing Scheme

Drawing design

steel structure design

3D effect

component processing

prefabricated modules

Packing and shipping

Site foundation completed

Quick installation on site


Precautions for living in light steel villas

Do not disassemble and assemble without permission: all loads and parts of the light steel villa are uniformly stressed. Each component of the house has been installed and fixed as a whole during the design and installation. If it is disassembled and assembled without permission, the overall stability of the house will easily deteriorate, and there is a relative safety hazard.

If the occupants want to make changes to the original house structure, they need to ask professional construction personnel to make changes, and do a force analysis according to the change strength before construction to ensure that the overall performance of the house is not damaged and the structure can be changed easily and quickly. Do not operate on your own without any force analysis.

Do not twist or pull wires without permission: the overall structure of the light steel house is entirely constructed of light steel keels, and the metal is conductive. If the wires are wound around the keel without permission, in the event of leakage or fire, it is easy to cause safety accidents.

During the construction process of light steel houses, various positions of circuit sockets will be designed in advance, and the laying will be carried out in strict accordance with the standards for pre-buried pipelines. Therefore, the risks of such situations need to be avoided in advance in the laying process.

Regular maintenance of the roof: the light steel villa roof is the key to bear the water insulation problem of the whole house. During the period of use, if the occupants can regularly maintain the roof, regularly clean up the leaves and residues on the roof, and regularly check the degree of use of the roof tiles, it can ensure a longer overall service life of the house.

According to the requirements of "ecological civilization construction" put forward by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the construction industry must take the road of industrialization that saves resources and energy and reduces environmental pollution, and takes measures to limit borrowing to make bricks and cement production with high energy consumption and high pollution. It is foreseeable that light steel As a new type of green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving buildings, structural housing will gradually replace traditional buildings.

At present, the state is vigorously supporting the construction of light steel villas, and increasing policy support to reduce construction costs by means of area incentives, implementation of full decoration to shorten construction periods, technical training of industrial workers, reduction of labor costs, and reduction of construction costs by replacing business tax in the construction industry. Incremental cost, I believe that in the near future, light steel villas will become more and more popular.

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