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The port is also a stage, a floating container creative dormitory

The container creative space, which combines trend and literature and art, breaks the thinking frame of traditional architecture and has a wide range of applications. In addition to the offices, sales offices, homestays, residences, and commercial streets that we see every day, in the crazy brain holes of architectural designers Under the current situation, a variety of container building ideas are being explored.

What we are going to share today is the maritime container building in Copenhagen.

The Urban Rigger project is a floating product made up of upgraded shipping containers. the programme was designed by bjarke ingels to provide affordable and sustainable accommodation for young academics studying in copenhagen, denmark. Each building has an area of ​​approximately 680 square meters, with a total of 15 living spaces arranged around a comfortable green courtyard.

Under the skillful hand of the designer

Dormitory turned into sea view room

This group of containers floating in the port

Easy to assemble, easy to disassemble and highly sustainable

The advantages of containers are outstanding, and they have attracted much attention in the field of creative construction

The demand for student accommodation in Denmark has skyrocketed in recent years

Copenhagen, a seaport city focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development

Taking advantage of the situation to propose this marine container project

Containers are placed on a floating island in the port

Close to the city center, convenient transportation

Complete supporting facilities and comfortable living space

The best thing is the invincible sea view

Architects take advantage of Copenhagen's underutilized land

the port as a stage

Provide building type optimization for neighboring cities

standard size of container

ensures that workers in the city can

By land, water or air

Shipping anywhere in the world

In addition to using upgraded containers,

the design also utilizes a number of environmentally sustainable solutions

- including hydroelectric, solar and low energy pumps

The building is composed of nine containers in an accumulation manner

criss-cross stacking between modules

and add support members to create 15 living spaces

Containers in the shape of bright navy blue corrugated sheet metal are connected end to end

The enclosed space in the middle becomes a public garden

In Copenhagen, a port city rich in container resources

This is really a solution to the land use problem

floating container building

Can be copied to other port cities that need it

Simple and elegant dormitory interior design

However, the floor-to-ceiling glass facing the sea makes the space very transparent

Although living in a shipping container, the room is still small

But never feel wronged

Overlooking the building with greenery on the roof

Solar panels and large terrace facing the sea

After the house is built

The first batch of students who can move in are happy

There are also many people from the community who come to visit and experience

The planks on the steel structure are as flat as the ground

Hidden door, except this round window

you can hardly find it

The bathroom is also designed to be very private

There are also public facilities on the shore of the boat

Lights in various colors at night

It's like living in a wonderful world

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