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The container commercial street can also be designed in this way!

A commercial street is a multi-functional and multi-format commercial complex, the epitome and essence of a city's commerce. Due to the concentration of commercial stores, it has formed functional spaces such as shopping, leisure, and catering. The core of its design is to make the space useful and comfortable.

Different from traditional shopping malls, creative container shopping centers break the thinking frame of traditional business and will provide brands with flexible display space and reduce rental costs. They are perfect temporary buildings, public facilities and buildings with other mixed functions.

Let's take a look at the commercial street application design of containers in this issue!

Buck Street Market

Buck Street Market (Buck Street), a container-innovative outdoor food commercial street in the center of Camden, UK, is built from 88 containers. , prospered against the trend in the global new crown epidemic.

Under the zero single-use plastic policy, there are many recycling points around the market, and market managers will also compost all food waste to generate energy, which will be recycled to the main grid.

Sustainability-advocating Buck Street Market brings together retailers and flagship dining concepts in recyclable spaces, with each container space allocated to a business. With an emphasis on conscious consumption, shipping containers at street markets are filled with hundreds of eco-friendly products.

In addition to sustainable products, the Buck Street Market has a large number of mobile vendors and a community-led roof garden for people to visit. In order to provide a place for customers to rest and gather, there is also an outdoor leisure area in the middle of the market, which can be used for rest or dining.

On the roof, a recently added pink terrace, covered with greenery and a large screen, can be used for events such as shows, lectures and movies, and the space will be housed in two new sky bars.

Buck Street Market created this innovative and environmentally friendly container commercial street to reflect the beginning of a major change and new understanding of people's perception of sustainable development.

Common Ground

The project is located in Seoul, South Korea. It is a successful case of experimental application design for an idle site in the middle of the city. The project is the world's largest three-story giant container shopping mall composed of 200 containers. The blue appearance and unique design style are very attractive. human eyeball.

The design and construction of Common Ground is aimed at activating unused space in the city. Through prefabrication, the modules produced in the factory are transported to the site for assembly and construction, which shortens the construction project of 5,300 square meters to 5 months.

The mall is equipped with clothing stores, restaurants, and lifestyle concept stores, as well as performances and art exhibition spaces, each of which is transformed from colorful one-to-two-story large containers.

The setting of steel stairs and the use of the lower floor as terraces and corridors form the overall upper and lower circulation of the project.

The combination of trendy fashion and containers, rough and distinctive business experience, especially the detailed interpretation of the Korean wave culture and the atmosphere are so amazing.

Trumpe Cadde

Adjacent to Trump Tower in mecidiyeköY in Istanbul, international architectural firm GAD has created a small commercial project using modular shipping containers and staircases.

The project consists of two floors, a series of paths of different sizes that cut and organize the constituent units to arrange 25 carefully arranged commercial units and gardens to form a modern street market.

The scheme is characterized by a highly interactive, verifiable façade construction. They can be completely closed or opened and become part of the flow of the project. Unexpected gardens and lounge areas provide pedestrians with a moment of respite, while also helping to increase the social function of the project.

Terraces and open space units on the upper floors;

Gardens along the walkway provide space for rest;

The open courtyard is surrounded by metal frame structures and shipping containers for various retail stores;

The two-story space enhances the atmosphere of social activities;

Internal walkways and shortcuts create a "hutong" effect;

Covered indoor walking paths;

The energy, waste, and other products in the site have been carefully considered and managed to make the project as energy efficient as possible; meanwhile, passive systems are also used extensively in the metal frame structure to adapt to various weather conditions.

A commercial plaza in Shanghai

Bopind Container Commercial Design

Located in a commercial plaza in Shanghai, the Boshi design team made a container business-themed design based on the terrain and the business inside the plaza.

In the huge "T"-shaped plaza, the design team of Boreal designed a flowing "container commercial street" for the plaza according to the moving lines of the terrain and considering fire passages and other issues at the same time.

Taking the container as the base unit, the evolution design transforms the container into a store of various shapes: single-storey or double-storey, or with a terrace, or a variety of commercial solutions that can be folded, pushed and pulled.

The push-pull container coffee shop can be used as a rest area when the front baffle is unfolded; the container coffee shop with a terrace can go to the terrace to drink coffee and take a break;

A chic and colorful pop-up store for container shops;

The three-dimensional design presents different styles to meet different commercial needs, turning the empty commercial plaza into a beautiful and characteristic commercial street.

The most important thing is that these beautiful shops can be reused and can be "moved" collectively. The convenience and practicality are most in line with the needs of fast-paced cities.

Large-scale buildings made of containers are prevalent in urban centers, verifying the possibility and inclusiveness of modular buildings. The container commercial street is widely used, which truly realizes environmental protection, comfort and energy saving, and can meet the different needs of customers.

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