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Spring season, container construction help tourism economic prosperity ~

In December 2022, the“New ten” published, the overall recovery of the tourism industry is a foregone conclusion. The development of tourism in the past ten years has gradually transformed from the original tourism to Leisure and resort, more inclined to creative and personalized leisure facilities. As a new form of green building, container building has the characteristics of Design, practicability and topic, and it can solve many kinds of contradictions and dilemmas faced by tourist scenic spots, so more and more by the scenic area builders, managers, operators and tourists attention and favor.

Budget control and land approval are the first issues to be addressed in developing the tourism industry. The implementation of environmental policies has also made it more difficult to approve scenic spots, many of which even prohibit the construction of any permanent buildings. In addition, the construction of scenic spots has also become a headache for local governments. The planning of scenic spots, the construction of private accommodation and the upgrading of supporting facilities are all problems that need to be solved.

1. Prefabrication, short construction period, environmentally friendly

The traditional building construction, the project cycle is long, the construction process will also produce a lot of noise and dust and other environmental pollution, and the container building fire performance is good, earthquake resistance, high pressure safety, prefabrication in the factory greatly reduces the time and workload in the construction site, and less construction waste.

2. Promoting the integrated development of literature and tourism

How to highlight the characteristics and attract tourists' attention is the first problem to be solved in every scenic spot. To attract more tourists to travel, sightseeing, through the integration of local cultural elements, to promote the integration of local tourism development.

3. It has strong flexibility and various functions to promote the sustainable development of tourism industry

Experiential consumption is an innovative scheme for tourism projects. Mobile bazaars, cultural stores, special restaurants and other places, not only to meet the shopping needs of tourists, it can also be one of the core attractions of the tour because of its unique supply of goods and experiences.

Container Modular building has excellent energy-saving and environmental protection performance, quick installation and easy disassembly. It is not only a beautiful scenery in the scenic area, but also can meet the needs of tourists, to Living Up the infrastructure of the scenic area through creative design.

Container Construction

Home stay application case appreciation

An ocean-view home away from the city

In the southwest of Taiwan, the beautiful outlying island of Little Ryukyu is a good place for vacation and leisure. In 2020 the Begin Inn for frontier travel will open here.

Located on the lower side of the island, away from the city, the hostel is quiet and light-less, making it a good place to experience authentic local life.

The whole building is very light, so the whole indoor and outdoor are very bright, very suitable for couples and small families to a romantic leisurely party.

The room area of home-stay is not big, hope can vacate more space to use as public recreational area.

Visitors have free access to the bar area, lounge area or fireplace area on the first or second floor. At the same time, there is an extension of the landscape corridor, you can take some fresh and artistic photos here.

No excessive decoration, in the pure and leisurely atmosphere, we can calm down and listen to the sounds of nature.

The hostel is located in a quiet area of the Little Ryukyu. It is situated above the Venice coast of the Little Ryukyu, overlooking the Longevity Hill and the 85 building in Kaohsiung. With its unique natural scenery, the hostel has chosen to be built in an environmentally friendly manner, share Precious Natural Beauty with fellow travelers.

Open-air public space, not too much shelter, just to get close to the nature of the most primitive, the most real appearance, sit on the fence, sit on the entire sea. After Dark, you can look up at the starry sky without light pollution, even the vast galaxy in summer, and the lights of fishing boats at sea level.

Each room is a separate suite in and out, open the door to enjoy the boundless sea and the ever-changing scenery. The design of the room is simple and the infrastructure is complete. Harvest and the sea companion, the stars, will be the dawn, Sunset and the stars panoramic view of the stay experience.

Cape Town high-end minimalist container accommodation

In 2018, Candace, the landlord of Cape Town, in the northern foothills of Table Mountain, opened a container-style lodgings on a farm on the banks of the Brieux River in the east. The lodgings are a combination of two old shipping containers, there are two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The house is located on the edge of a small pond with the front door facing the pond.

Outside the main entrance is the foyer, which is made of light steel and serves as an extension of the main structure, next to the container.

The front hall with a fireplace, barbecue, heating can be, tasting the scenery in the distance delicious, even a few drinks also do not have flavor.

Through the front hall, there is a living room, dining room, kitchen layout, container interior is very compact, integrated dining room and kitchen to enhance the utilization of space.

In addition to the unique natural scenery, Candace has incorporated a lot of Victorian elements into the bedroom layout of the hostel, including wooden chairs, table lamps, pillowcases... .. Classical, atmospheric, gentle, showing the landlord's unique elegant taste.

The bathroom is no exception, with claw-shaped brass faucets, shower heads, and well-arranged bathrooms that greatly enhance the guest experience.

A container recreation space on a farm

Ref ã 1/4 Gio da Cain ã 1/4 s is a container-converted bed-and-breakfast in the Brazilian state of Campos Gerais in Paraná, where a farm hotel stays in the Escarpa Devonana geological fault zone.

In this natural space marked by vast green spaces and stones, the prefabricated house takes into account a simple structural concept that reveals internal and external connections through minimal intervention in the natural environment.

It is essentially the relationship between man-made structures and the natural universe, and the concept of the project is to live in harmony with nature without disguising it.

The structure is supported by a simple support base that appears to float on the ground and is conducive to the growth of other organisms in the natural environment. It's the antithesis of a chaotic, bustling city, where users relax and enjoy what really matters: their own world.

Occupying nearly 60 square feet, the hostel uses a 12-meter-long container as the main structure, with a 6-meter custom-built container directly in front for a separate viewing platform for the sunrise.

Whether it is because of the transparency of the glass plane or the opacity of the wood, are in interpretation, nature is the protagonist, and people live in harmony with nature, but do not try to hide their own, show the new beauty of architectural lines in nature.

In terms of protecting the natural structure of the land, the house relies only on columns directly above the ground to minimize the impact of construction on the natural environment.

The recovery and reuse of containers, the speed of construction of prefabricated metal structures and the reduction of construction waste on site are the main factors that cause the least damage to nature.

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