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Micro Apartments-Affordable Studio Life

More young people want to devote themselves to their creative work, and at the same time they need the quality of life. After researching and analyzing their needs, Platinum Building proposed the concept of "Micro Unit"

Micro apartments provide affordable and quality studio life

The "Micro Unit" micro-apartment launched by Platinum Building is suitable for studio apartments built in the suburbs of the city and designed for younger living groups. It can be used for living or as an independent entrepreneurial studio. It can be rented or bought for a single floor, or the entire building can be packaged to meet the needs of parking, work, and life. The whole building is a townhouse design, with four apartment types as options.

The Micro Unit has three floors.

The first floor is a garage with two cars on each side, with independent garage doors; the second floor is slightly larger and has a large corner balcony; the third floor is a perfect small apartment with independent privacy space, the layout of the room is reasonable and compact.

Ground floor garage 50m2

50m2+ corner balcony on the second floor

The second floor has a large indoor space and has a corner balcony with a good view of daylight. It is also suitable for the needs of studios or residences. The same indoor area of 50m2 + large corner balcony expands the activity space and has better lighting. It is a perfect choice for living or working.

The third floor 40m2 The roof is a compact apartment design, enjoying the private and independent space on the top floor, and the high ceiling roof enhances the sense of indoor space. It makes the room romantic and practical, and it is an ideal choice for young people in a more economical apartment.

The whole building style is modern and simple style. The slope roof uses Seamlock material, and a variety of colors are available, which is to maintain the agility of the building.

The exterior wall of the second floor is made of cement fiber wood board (color optional), with a simple and modern style. The eaves and the wall adopt the same color system to maintain the consistency of the color. The doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy system and double-glazed. The balcony floor is made of WPC waterproof material.

The exterior wall on the first floor is made of cultural stone material, which can present a brick pattern effect, low-key and simple, and integrated with the ground garden.

The building is a steel structure prefabricated assembly system, light steel keel + integrated wall + modular system. The production of the prefabricated part of the entire project will be completed within 45 days, the on-site installation needs will be completed within 15 days, and the overall project can be completed in 90 days (including shipping).

As a pioneer of prefabricated steel structure buildings, the Platinum Building has continuously updated design concepts to meet the needs of different markets. And will launch more creative design works. Special statement: This design is independently designed and completed by Platinum Buildings, and any organization and media are not allowed to forward or reprint it without authorization. For cooperation and consultation, please contact us.

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