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Tribute to the Bauhaus

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Simple aesthetic design of Platinum Building


That's right, so many of us like a minimalist lifestyle, and all the aesthetic ideas behind this originate from the Bauhaus revolution 100 years ago. The Bauhaus School, which started in Weimar, Germany, created a design style with simple lines. As far as the eyes can be seen, modern buildings are all affected. Weimar, the city of Schiller, the city of Bach, and the city of Kant, represents the quintessence of German classicism. At the same time, it has bred modern minimalist aesthetics and influenced the entire world.

"Remove skin and flesh, and use the most basic points, lines, and geometric shapes to combine, which is the essence of modern minimalism."

Minimalist Aesthetic : Upgradeable Platinum System

This Sales Office was designed independently by the architect of Platinum Building (Myryl Veloso). The most basic geometric shapes, textured walls and large-area lighting design constitute this stylish and low-key commercial building. As a high-end project sales office, it is a good choice.

Minimalist aesthetics + environmental protection concept is the mission of our contemporary architects. The concept of green and environmental protection is integrated into various buildings, and the life concept of returning to the original is increasingly recognized by people. Using light steel structure design, or directly using container transformation, more than 90% of the building materials can be recycled. Integrate the solar energy system and rainwater recovery system into the building system to make more use of green energy, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce the damage to resources.

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