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Four containers 12 meters long and 2.9 meters high can build a house of 196 square meters

Four shipping containers 12 meters long and 2.9 meters high can build a house of 196 square meters. It sounds incredible, but someone has done it.

The architect said: "I was looking for a lifestyle change, I lived in São Paulo, in the hustle and bustle of Vila Madalena, and then I found this land in Granja Viana to build a peaceful and beautiful home.

He chose to contrast the tranquility of the area with the industrial style of his new project - the first of its kind in Brazil.

A total of four 40-foot shipping containers were used for the residence, each 12m long and 2.9m high.

The house is spread over two levels with three bedrooms, living room, dining room with integrated kitchen, office, three bathrooms, laundry area, covered garage and balcony.

In addition to being innovative, the project also has sustainable appeal as it uses discarded shipping containers, saving resources such as sand, bricks, cement, water and iron used in conventional construction – thus being environmentally friendly the goal of.

This container house indirectly encourages the increase of green space, planting trees around the house and installing green roofs.

It not only retains the original ecological living environment, but also creates a new way of life. The industrial-style building has been transformed by the architect. It is not only exquisite, simple, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. As long as you pass by it, you will be deeply fascinated by him.

The project pays special attention to the design and installation of windows to ensure cross ventilation of the house and reduce the use of air conditioning for better environmental protection.

Green resources in the project

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