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Container + swimming pool, create a unique leisure space, and you can also soak in hot springs!

When it comes to containers, it is inevitable to give people the impression of being cold and blunt. In recent years, after designers' bold ideas and meticulous craftsmanship, the application of containers has become lively and lively, and many new tricks have been played in leisure fields such as homestays and hotels. .

Its cost is cheaper than traditional buildings, it can be reused, and it will not generate too much construction waste. Imagine a flexible, green container that collides with outdoor swimming pools and hot springs. What kind of sparks will be created? Let's take a look together this time.

A container-style spa in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, on a weathered hill with stunning views overlooking the bay.

The clubhouse has a strong modern architectural atmosphere, and the underwater restaurant and the "island" in the pool allow visitors to experience extraordinary feelings.

The entire clubhouse is built on a weathered mountain

Modern architecture is reflected in every corner

Stunning views from the clubhouse lobby

The surface of the building is composed of divided wooden strips, showing the environmental awareness of modern buildings. The uneven building surface design has a unique visual effect.

The building is completely integrated into nature

Also has a relaxing interior design

High-end modern bathroom system

Cozy leisure space

It is said that you need to take a helicopter to reach this hot spring club! The isolated location meets the needs of tourists who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and relieve stress.

Similarly, in Canada, there is also such a container building according to the local natural landscape and geographical conditions.

Bota Bota Landscape Park is located in the center of Old Montreal, the harbour area of ​​the Lawrence River, where the famous BotaBota Hot Springs are located.

The port site is surrounded by water features, vegetation areas and numerous grain silos, and the design team was commissioned to design an "oasis" for everyone to relax in this special place.

The layout of the big wharf encountered many technical challenges: the site was surrounded by water, and heavy machinery could not be used for construction; the south of the railway and the dense vegetation made it impossible for motor vehicles to drive on the site; it had to be constructed in a semi-permanent way, Such buildings can be easily disassembled and assembled.

Therefore, only the container is a good choice, in addition to good recycling, it is also easy to transport by barge and built into the relaxation area, steam bath and engine room that the house needs.

Stone paths are paved around the house, the pool is in the lounge area, and there is an outdoor fireplace and yoga deck to sunbathe outside by the pool and relax in an enclosed space.

The large green cantilevered roof creates an oasis-like feel.

The soffits of these roofs are adorned with laser-cut, square-patterned metal panels so that a rhythmic set of shadows changes as the sunlight changes.

The roof is made of white painted steel plate to minimize heat absorption, the waterfall on the roof of the machine room, the water flowing down directly into the pool, and the overflow drainage system of the infinity pool is integrated with the ground. All materials are prefabricated at the factory and disassembled and reassembled on site.

The pool is further divided into cold bath, large hot bath and large pool. The pools are irregular in design, with the longest hours of sunshine of the day, and are spaced more than a hundred feet between the pools, making it the largest non-public outdoor pool in Montreal.

The entire building is designed in a very approachable style, with only a minimum of three building materials deliberately used. These rooms with unique functions are arranged in a row facing the beautiful landscape. The grounds are all slate, and the pools are excavated to the effect of rock, creating an unforgettable view along with the grain silos, the old port and the city's skyscrapers.

Is there a possibility to build a container swimming pool in front of the house, when you want to relax, you don't have to run too far?

In Canada, Modpools has successfully converted standard metal cargo containers into swimming pools and Jacuzzis that can be installed above or below ground.

The containers were purchased from a Chinese supplier and modified after being used to ship cargo to North America.

To make the container suitable for use as a pool, various structural modifications were required, including a heavy-duty pool with a top cover added to the top edge. Capable of holding 4,800 gallons of water.

The team also added a hygiene and heating system, a color-changing LED light and eight jacuzzi jets to the overall design. Cut out part of one wall of the container to make room for a viewing window of approximately 1.2 x 2.4 meters.

The swimming pool is also equipped with an internal partition made of sturdy heat-resistant plastic to separate the swimming pool from the jacuzzi.

Swimming pools made from shipping containers cost a fraction of the price of traditional pools. It can also be customized and modified according to the needs of customers, installed on the ground, underground or semi-buried, etc., and the maintenance cost is also extremely low.

You can swim happily and relax at your doorstep, how can you not be tempted?

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