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Container Office, multi-dimensional fashion of modern office space!

Building systems built from recyclable shipping containers can meet a variety of space needs and provide a quick solution for the development of new workspaces, making them one of the preferred options for building office space, take a look at container offices around the world.


Puerto Madryn office building

The container office building in Puerto Madryn, Argentina, consists of a housing management office, open-plan offices, men's and women's toilets and disabled toilets, and a restaurant with a kitchenette, a covered terrace, an open terrace space and a central foyer.

The project consists of nine recyclable 40-foot containers and six 20-foot containers, creating two large levels of activity and work space.

building had a short lead time of only 90 days: 75 days for production in the factory and 15 days for on-site assembly.

The bright colors on the exterior of the picture show the innovation and vitality of the internal enterprise. The stacking and misplacing technique makes adjustments for the architectural form, which breaks away from the conventional office form and conveys the idea of the enterprise.



Image Socks brand Stance, one of the world's leading manufacturers, is the NBA's official sock supplier. Its headquarters is a creative container building designed to encourage a healthy attitude to life. It is a creative hub because its offices are more of a basketball court than a regular office space.

Stance the basketball court and office are set together, next to a standard basketball court is an office building made of black containers.

For the convenience of watching the game, the container has specially set up a corridor terrace, can clearly see the situation of the court below.

The office environment inside the picture box is clean and energetic. It is centered around a multi-person desk and provides a space for employees to communicate with each other at any time.

Besides the basketball court, there are all kinds of fitness equipment and skateboard field around the container. It is a perfect gym! At the same time, do not forget to set up a casual afternoon tea bar, to meet the different needs of different staff.


Coordenada design center

The Coordenada Design Center features a series of industrial buildings that stand out from the rest of the city, including the reuse of containers as the building's block divider, a large area of visible glass windows, metal and structural beams and other materials mixed together, enhanced the main features of high-tech architecture.

Image courtesy of the Codenada Design Center for the container building, after adjusting and designing the container building's facade and applying the steel frame to the Now You See Me, the CODENADA Design Center for the container building retains the advantages of the container building, optimized its structural design and appearance, bring a sense of surprise.

Photo office space with a more comfortable style, no rigid desk, provides a more free space and scope of activities, so that more creativity is inspired here.

The ceiling is decorated with pieces of metal sheet, creating the illusion of container wave board, the floor by the log and cloth carpet laid alternately, feel comfortable. The entire office area is filled with sunlight from the glass windows, making the space brighter.


Fintech casting headquarters

Located at Fintech Foundry headquarters in Nigeria, the design is inspired by the steel frame and container.

The three-storey space has several offices, meeting rooms, tea rooms and bathrooms. The upper level has a small open-air balcony for outdoor relaxation. The office area between floors is connected by an indoor iron ladder.

The rotating doors at both ends of the container were replaced with floor-to-ceiling glazing to bring in plenty of light and light to create a bright and spacious environment, while also creating a skylight over the ceiling on the top floor, bring the light and shadow scenery to the office staff.

The office building is open to each other, separate meeting rooms and corridors are separated only by glass, whether there are people meeting inside the office becomes clear. This makes co-working feasible and convenient, and the sharing of space resources is fully utilized.


REVIGR és offices, Portugal

The REVIGR és offices in Portugal, located inside the ceramics factory, is not only a classic building in terms of exterior design, but also a perfect example of the advantages of the container in terms of its location and construction.

The requirement that the building be built close to the ceramic production line and within the factory has resulted in offices not being able to begin with the foundations of traditional buildings; moreover, there are height restrictions, on this basis, but also need to pay attention to the sustainability of space. After the owner and the designer of repeated discussions and comparison, the final final container construction plan.

The container is made of Cork, and the walls, floors and ceilings are made of particleboard. The porous black cork blocks increase the insulation and sound insulation of the container. The floor and walls of the sanitary space are covered with ceramic tiles A simple container made of wood and glass, representing the intentions of the task-makers, wood processors and builders, and designers.

In the process of building, the designer makes great efforts to meet the needs of people's production while making it in harmony with the environment.

In the space design, fully considered the needs of staff, as far as possible for the office internal layout division to be clear and simple, not only the use of large glass floor-to-ceiling windows, but also the use of humanized lighting, bright space effect to avoid the lack of lighting indoor office regret, the production of boxes of materials is the final product, for the office staff to bring a comfortable experience.

Human beings have endless imagination, perhaps in the future, container construction will be more rich form in front of the public, truly reflect the essence of sustainable development.

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