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Build a container yard and have an idyllic dream~

The income of the city can never catch up with the housing price, so that people who work outside can run around for a few feet of shelter.

We yearn and always look forward to one day being able to move away from the concrete forest of the big city and sit in an independent house, away from all the noise and live quiet life.

In fact, you can also find a piece of land and build a container house, which can be a villa or a yard, to give yourself a place to stay and enjoy the beauty of time.

Let's take a look at the design of container buildings that fled the city!

Such a container dream house can be located in a quiet and elegant forest, a quiet environment, and a comfortable mood.

Stack the two containers together to make a two-story house, and then build a small yard with tables and chairs, sitting and basking in the sun, in a daze, and it feels beautiful.

With a wide view, coupled with elegant decoration, even if there is no WiFi, I am willing to stay for a long time.

Elevate the base of the container cabin to avoid the invasion of moisture and rain. Tables and chairs are placed on the terrace to bask in the sun during the day, and at night, you can look up at the stars.

Behind the front yard, even the roof is planted with flowers and plants, the whole house is beautiful, and it can also play the role of sun protection and heat insulation.

Even if you lie in the sun room made of containers, the scenery outside is still unobstructed.

The lights are on and the house is full of warmth, silently waiting for those who return at night.

Such container huts can also be built on the seashore.

When you walk out of the room, you can "face the sea and the spring flowers bloom". Living in such an environment makes people feel happy.

Build the container into a duplex building, and turn the entire field into your own private garden, where you can grow flowers and plants as you like.

Large gardens can also be made indoors, this style is full of villa courtyard flavor.

Build a container house and build your own private courtyard, quiet and natural. Perhaps, we can also experience the feeling of "picking a chrysanthemum and seeing Nanshan leisurely".

Benjamin Garcia of Saxe Architecture uses shipping containers to create a private resort in an open field. The furniture in the house are all available, and the color of the cabinet also reflects the surrounding scenery, which is very interesting.

The Russian girl Claudie transformed four containers into a mansion.

Cover the exterior of the container with wood, like a small wooden house hidden in the forest, independent of the world.

The internal design is even more impressive.

There is also a beautiful kitchen.

Easter eggs: other magical uses of containers

The container can also be designed into exhibition halls, bars, KTV, homestays, restaurants, cafes...

The clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger used this container transformation project to hold the Bread&Butter clothing exhibition in Berlin.

At night, the inside is transformed into a bar where you can have fun with all the facilities.

Del Popolo, a transportable container pizza shop, the manager Jon Darsky uses the most original flour + water traditional pizza.

The transparent cooking process and novel business model make this pizzeria so unique.

Talented architects are using their ingenuity to design and transform various container house applications.

After seeing so many container buildings, are you shocked by the plasticity of container buildings?

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