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Zero-carbon modular green building

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Platinum Building Green Building Case


This zero-carbon modular house has become a green building landmark of Zhongyi College. The Platinum Building team continues to improve and innovate on the basis of this design, and continuously improves its green emission reduction performance and indicators.

"Platinum Building promises that in 2021, there will be more green environmental protection projects launched."

Project Introduction

Building area: 107.52m2 Assembly mode: light steel structure modular house Green technology: roof solar panels off-grid power generation system, rainwater recovery system.

Construction time: 45 days for factory prefabrication, 4 days for site foundation and other related preparations, now 4 hours for hoisting and installation and commissioning. Emission reduction indicators: 95% of the parts conversion rate, shorten the construction period by more than 50%, reduce the comprehensive cost of the whole life cycle of the building by 40%, and the recycling rate of building materials reaches 95%. Project location: In the courtyard of Yixing Zhongyi Environmental Protection College Contractor: Platinum Building

The biggest design highlight of this project is that one wall is full floor-to-ceiling windows, with double-layer hollow tempered glass and low-e surface treatment. Taking into account the structural stability and other issues, X-shaped steel brackets were made on both ends of the two walls. At the same time, the bookshelves and storage cabinets inside the house have also been completed, and the part conversion rate has truly reached more than 95%.

Another major feature of modular buildings is that they can achieve synchronization of civil construction and decoration. The whole project progresses according to the project nodes, while the prefabrication factory is being produced and installed, the construction site of the project is also carrying out foundation and other preparations at the same time. Compared with traditional building assembly system projects, modular houses can save more than 50% of the construction period. 4 days for site foundation preparation and 4 hours for hoisting and installation.

Steel structure support site installation

Some Other Design By Platinum:

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