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Modular Container Camping design

Camping is more and more popular with young people and older families. Spend a weekend in a beautiful environment to experience the tent life far away from the city and close to nature.

This is a customized project-container camping project.

The whole project consists of 1 20FT and 1 40FT container, divided into upper and lower floors. On the first floor, from left to right, there are No. 1 reception box and No. 2 function box-shower and toilet. The second floor is the No. 3 storage box, placed on top of the two boxes on the first floor, and there is a relaxing terrace area.

Reception Box is for customers to check in, rent, borrow and return equipment. At the same time, there is also a commodity display area and a coffee and beverage bar, providing customers with some outdoor products and accessories, as well as coffee and beverage snacks and other services. The large floor-to-ceiling glass door design and the upper foldable fully open window are convenient for customers to take drinks and take a short rest.

The second function box mainly provides rain shower and washing facilities.

Go to the second floor from the side stairs of the No. 1 reception box and come to the terrace lounge area. The leisure area is divided into three terrace areas by storage boxes, which can be reached through the third box respectively.

-The entire project is about 100 square meters (including terrace area)

-The outer wall is a container board. All walls are made of insulation layer that meets the residential requirements to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature.

-The interior wall uses OSB board wall, PVC decorative panel wall, and corrugated steel wall design, which fully reflects the simple style and is as close to nature as possible.

-The dry area of the floor is made of high-strength PVC floor, matt gray, close to the natural stone floor; the wet area is made of non-slip dark ceramic tiles.

-The terrace is WPC deck flooring.

-All the facilities and interior decoration of the three boxes are completed in the Platinum's prefabricated factory.

-Quick installation on site.

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