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Melbourne luxury villa project

Among the many Platinum Building's Australian projects, I have to mention this luxurious villa-Melbourne P1217, which is worthy of being a masterpiece of Platinum Building's and has received high praise from customers.


This project is located in a high-end community in Melbourne. It is designed by a well-known Australian architect. The steel structure design and prefabricated system production have been completed by Platinum Building and technical services have been installed on site.

Layout description: This project has a construction area of 618m2, with two floors above ground and one underground floor The ground floor is the dining area, the living room area, and two bedrooms (guest rooms); The second floor on the ground is the master bedroom, the client and two separate bedrooms. Ground On the basement level are double garages and toilets, gymnasium, home theater and storage area.

Design Style:

Natural stone sets the tone of the entire villa, extending from the outer wall of the villa to the fence pillars of the gate. The main building is a square design, which contrasts with the circular garden in the backyard.

The front of the villa is dignified. Moving to the back of the villa, both floors are designed with extended balconies, so you can fully enjoy the good weather in Melbourne.

In the living room on the first floor, the master study room retains the European style without overly complicated decoration.

There is a guest bedroom on the first floor, a relaxation area on the first floor, and direct access to the backyard garden

The family living room, dining room, and master’s leisure area are more modern in style, with white furniture, the living room has direct access to the extended balcony, and French-style floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to fully appreciate the sunset and sea views and enjoy family time.

The balcony on the second floor has a spacious design and French double-opening sliding doors.

Dressing room

Master bathroom-marble countertop floor, modern and simple design.

Factory construction

Structure-Light steel prefabricated structure provided by Platinum Building. From steel structure design, insulation material selection, internal and external construction material supply, water and electricity pipeline materials and construction methods, Platinum Building 100% strictly follows the implementation of Australian building standards, and provides materials and system certification certificates, so that the entire project from on-site construction to on-site inspection passes smoothly Approval by the local construction department.

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