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Container Commercial Street——The Solution Provided by Platinum

Container commerce has become a popular trend, and Plstinum provides customers with a variety of container business solutions according to different market needs.

Located in a commercial plaza in Shanghai, the Platinum design team made a design with the theme of container commerce based on the topography and combined with the commerce inside the plaza.

For the huge "T"-shaped plaza, the Platinum design team designed a mobile “container commercial street” for the plaza based on the movement of the terrain and at the same time considering issues such as fire escapes.

The commercial street uses containers as the basic unit, and the evolutionary design transforms the containers into shops of various shapes: single-layer or double-layer, or with terraces, or a variety of commercial solutions that can be folded, pushed and pulled.

The push-pull container cafe can be used as a rest area by unfolding the front baffle;

Or you can go to the terrace container coffee shop for a drink;

Uniquely designed and colorful container shops;

Laminated scheme;

Each container has a different design and is customized according to different business formats.

The three-dimensional design presents different styles to meet different commercial needs, turning the empty commercial plaza into an exquisite and characteristic commercial street.

The most important thing is that these beautiful shops can be reused and can be collectively "moved". Convenience and practicality are most in line with the fast-paced urban needs.

The Platinum team will continue to introduce new commercial designs.

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