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Assembly type and low carbon -- the trend of future architecture: Container Architecture

With the popularization of the concept of prefabricated building, more and more container buildings are coming into our vision. From the initial use of old containers to the modular manufacturing, the use of containers are more and more extensive, and more and more diverse.

The container building has many advantages, such as high strength, good durability, fast installation and novel appearance. Container Architecture in the west has become not just a rough and cheap synonym, but a pretty cool art category, with a lot of owners and designers loving the way it is constructed. The design and construction of container buildings in the western developed countries already have a broad market and have quite high design level experience and mature construction methods, often used to build a container commercial street, art galleries, residential, public buildings, and so on, a variety of different forms of expression continue to emerge.


Building moisture measures integration, moisture permeability is good. The whole frame adopts standard container, the load of top and bottom is over 20t, the damage under earthquake load is very little, and the seismic performance is superior.

Low-carbon environmental protection and energy-saving: Wall filled with fire-proof insulation materials, low thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer, filled with 100 mm composite wall insulation performance is equivalent to 610 mm thick traditional brick-concrete wall.

Structure span: standard container structure, can realize many forms of combination.

Construction Cycle: site construction time is generally 1-7 days, 95% of the work is completed in the factory, through cars, cranes to complete the final site installation. The construction cycle is short, the monomer 7-15 days, the combination type 20 ~ 60 days to deliver the use, is limited by the natural condition few.

Industrial production: The Box is processed and built in the factory, and then transported directly to the destination for assembly.

Low Carbon Environmental Protection: the main materials used for wood and steel, wood is a renewable resource, natural degradation, zero pollution, steel can be recycled.

This article lists some excellent container buildings at home and abroad, let’s enjoy it together!













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