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The Container Commercial Street, breaks the entity Fetter, releases the infinite tide creativity

Container itself is not different, but how to put many containers together is very different, the core differences are the culture of the meta-culture, the structure of the assembly, the combination of forms of business and so on. The container creative space, which integrates fashion, literature and art, breaks the traditional commercial thinking frame and gives the project a brand-new space feeling.

Crate St James Street, UK

This is a high street in the United Kingdom, by dozens of containers from the reconstruction spliced together.

Different from those high-end brand commercial buildings, this container commercial street is mainly industrial style, with black main tone and more earthy atmosphere.

The lack of restrictions also highlighted the creativity of the building, which was immediately promoted to become a new generation of internet celebrities, and immediately attracted a large number of people looking for leisure and entertainment to clock.

The shopping street has three stacked main structure, about 40 businesses, including food, clothing, barbershop and so on.

Most of the shops are located on the first and second floors of the building. There are many seats for recreation and entertainment on the first and second floors. The third floor of the box is mostly used to display the logo and propaganda functions of the businesses.

The decoration outside the box, everyone neat and unified black industrial style.

The decoration inside the box can be set according to the shop's own theme style, some painted on the white wall, some to retain the style of the container, a large area of graffiti painting, design feeling.

Each big shop with different decorations had its own characteristics. Each shop was a small world. There were even shops that made the interior a pure white style. It was completely different from the black main style outside, it's like entering a new world.

The largest container shopping center in Warsaw

Implant is located in a vacant lot near Elazna and Chmielna streets in Warsaw, a once-bustling area that was unfortunately destroyed during World War II. Using nearly 300 containers, the centre transformed its 2.6-acre site into one of the world's largest container retail complexes.

In terms of shopping center design, Implant builds on existing container pop-up shopping centers such as Boxpark in London and ArtBox in Bangkok and will include 5,318 square meters of available floor space.

Implant is a three-story modular building with retail, restaurant, social and cultural spaces. The bar and restaurant will be on the ground floor of the three floors, while studios, shops and other services will be on the upper floors.

As well as reviving the city, the Implant mall will inject much-needed Chloroplastida into the area. How? Open courtyards and vertical green curtain walls are the most striking.

The lower-level house's multi-purpose spaces for concerts, exhibitions and other events, as well as a pop-up children's museum accessible from the courtyard.

Implant shopping center design for the design of container shopping center provides a lot of reference points.

“Platoon Art Museum, Germany”


Platoon Art Museum in Berlin, Germany, designed by Platoon Cultural Development. The designer uses 33 Sea Containers.

Platoon culture-open street art, fashion, music, and politics-can be represented in flexible architectural forms, with additions or subtractions as needed.

It can host a variety of activities-solo art exhibitions, film nights, concerts, multimedia performances, street art, workshops, group discussions and special events.

Floor-to-ceiling windows through which the overall green metope, the top is mainly composed of black and white. The texture of the container makes the whole building full of layers and textures.

Downtown Container Park

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh built this new project in an abandoned parking lot and casino, but it's slowly turning the place into a unique Las Vegas landscape. The other side of Las Vegas is made up of converted shipping containers and friendly security guards.

The Container Park is a shopping attraction in Las Vegas. These discarded boxes are reused, which greatly improves the city's environmental protection index. The unique and fresh decoration effect, add a new look to Las Vegas retail.

Including 38 retail stores, restaurants, bars, art galleries, as well as outdoor stages, a park-like patchwork layout and frequent outdoor concerts, the project has become a popular attraction in Las Vegas, it's also a place for kids to explore and play.

Christchurch, New Zealand Re: START

Christchurch, New Zealand, was hit by a powerful earthquake that destroyed many buildings. In order to restore the living standards of the local people as soon as possible and create a harmonious living environment, the local government launched a ten-year reconstruction plan. The unique attributes of container architecture set it apart, and a diverse and functional container praça do Comércio was born in Christchurch.

Bright green, bright yellow, pink, orange color, and the convergence of commercial trends, to the old Christchurch has brought a fresh modern style, to the city of optimism and vitality.

The container changed the old, dirty image, respectively painted with bright colors, but also opened a lot of floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. Now there are many stores, a wide range of business, including clothing, catering, accessories, bookstores and banks, each store is a large container by the colorful transformation.

There are all kinds of activities held here from time to time. There are also special markets and street performers on weekends. The original temporary building, gradually because of its distinctive features, has now become the city of Christchurch a small scenic spot full of characteristics, attracting tourists from all over.

Compared with the traditional shopping center, the container commercial space has the advantages of short cycle, low rent, and strong cultural stickiness, which has driven a series of young and fashionable cultural and entertainment types of business, become the current trend of the business model.

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