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Office renovation case丨30 days to create a "UFO" in the school

This project is part of the reconstruction of a school's indoor stadium; the building is located in an old-fashioned residential area in Shanghai, and the reconstruction cannot be completely overturned due to site restrictions, construction age, construction time and other factors. Designed and expanded. After the renovation, the original architectural style was retained, while the second-floor office area was added to enhance the office space.


Project Introduction


Transformation of the former

cramped small office

Before the renovation of the project, there was only one floor of the building, which was the physical education teacher's office. It can accommodate about three 1200mm desks. The office space is cramped and the space utilization rate is low. There are only two windows on the north side, and the indoor lighting is insufficient.

Through on-the-spot investigation, Boshi Technology decided to transform from the following aspects:

Space utilization;

the sense of space in the building;

architectural lines;

House lighting.


under renovation

Platinum solid design ideas

Taking into account the construction period and other factors, Boshi Technology decided to use the flexibility of light steel structure buildings to add a two-story office area on the basis of the original building.

This expansion space adopts a steel structure prefabricated assembly system, light steel keel + integrated wall + modular system, the prefabricated part is produced in the factory, and then transported to the site for installation, shortening the overall production period.

Transformation focus:

The east wing wall of the original building was demolished to expand the building area;

Increase the design of the second floor to enhance the building space;

The interior uses a staircase to connect the first floor and the second floor to save space;

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows ensure building lighting and increase the sense of building space.


under renovation

Project design renderings

The entire building adopts a modern minimalist design on the basis of retaining the original architectural style:

The outer wall of the expansion space is made of aluminum alloy tube grille (painted white), and the milky white outer wall is integrated with the original building, which is unique and modern;

The first floor is designed with large floor-to-ceiling windows, which complements the shortcomings of insufficient north lighting on the first floor;

The vertical metal lines run up and down, taking the first and second floors as a whole; this is also the teacher's office area. This design not only creates a relatively quiet working environment for teachers without external interference, but they can also pay attention to the playground at any time. children's activities.

The two vertical narrow windows on the second floor add a modern touch to the building.

The exterior wall decoration materials and the original building use the same color system to maintain the consistency of the color tone;

Retain the original building floor and add solid wood composite floor;

The doors and windows are made of aluminum alloy system, double-glazed;

waterproofing the roof;

The terrace is designed with glass railings, which ensures the outdoor activity space, has a good view, and has both work or rest needs.


Project reality

The "gorgeous" turn of the sports office

Standing outside the window, you can see the curve of the beautiful white staircase. When you step into the small building, you can see that the corner circular staircase has been built inside, which maximizes the use of space and matches the indoor green plants. It is low-key and modern.

The interior decoration is simple, the light gray wood grain veneer floor, and the milky white spiral staircase create a quiet and comfortable working environment for teachers.

Going down the stairs to the second floor, the same white metal lines with the same style as the outside wrap the spiral staircase, which is full of space.

There is also an office space for teachers in the stair space on the second floor. The long and narrow floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic glass doors add light to the dark corners of the stairs.

The small balcony provides teachers with a place to relax during their busy work. Walking out of the glass door, it seems that they can stay out of the way.

The whole project from design to discussion, production to installation, the Boshi team only used the 30 days of summer vacation to complete the installation and commissioning of all the houses at the beginning of the school year.

Boshi Technology has been committed to continuously exploring more possibilities and providing customers with more flexible, economical and diverse solutions.

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