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Modularly designed leisure resort using shipping containers

For the transformation and utilization of containers, different designers have different ideas, but excellent designs always make the most of its advantages and characteristics, and maximize its magical effect. Today, let’s enjoy the following two designs together Bar.


My Home is a series of temporary hotel living quarters built from recycled shipping containers, offering the modern traveler an energy efficient, affordable and micro haven.

Modern design has many faces, from smart micro-tech to DIY minimalist architecture, and shipping containers are also showing up in the future. The designer's new impact on contemporary hotel concepts and travel solutions, repurposed design containers, make them a new destination for global travelers.

Lined with solar panels and supported by locally sourced timber construction materials, each module that makes up the My Home project is built on a commitment to sustainability and practicality.

Capable of comfortably seating four people, each module contains enough space for a fully equipped kitchenette, private patio, separate entrance, light-filled dining and work area.

In order to start and complete the My Home project from a sustainable vantage point, the shipping container requires little excavation during construction.

Thanks to its versatile geometry, each repurposed shipping container becomes a stackable module that doubles as the interior living space is brought together.

Another anchoring process involving welding allows each module to be fastened to the floor with little change to the original state of the terrain.


This shipping container has been turned into a seaside resort

MUA Architecture & Placemaking has designed a shipping container resort by the sea in Tbilisi, Georgia. Just 20 minutes from the city center, the cottage has created a relaxing environment.

When the designer repurposed the shipping container, it turned simple things like bed sheets into umbrellas and added small ornaments to make this the most wonderful vacation destination.

The container is located next to the Sailing Club (another MUA creation) by the sea in Tbilisi. In summer, the area is popular with locals as a centre for fishing and water sports. Makes it a more interesting project location.

The shipping container project is an important part of MUA's research into modern architecture. "Substituting second-hand, compact prefabricated steel boxes for traditional building materials and creating various functional spaces, the designer has thoroughly researched and proven.

This type of architecture and design is largely based on material observation, investigation and experimentation for potential reuse. These practices produced really interesting results.

The office container is 12 meters (40 feet) long and has a linear layout inside. The far edge of the container was transformed into a seating area as well as a bathroom and storage space. The middle part of the container, the shared space, includes a kitchenette, a desk and a living room. Large sliding doors allow indoor and outdoor to merge with each other, creating an open, unobstructed deck with ocean views.

This form of building has many positive aspects - it is ecologically sustainable, suitable for reuse, cost-effective, and because it is 'prefab' it can be retrofitted and installed directly.

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