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Expandable container turned into a beach resort in Thailand


Another classic case of Platinum Building Construction-the push-pull box Thailand resort hotel project, completely subverted the rank of low-end container transformation that most people recognize. Let's take a look at how the Platinum Building team has taken full advantage of the design of container construction.

First of all, a well-known resort hotel group in Thailand issued a design request to Platinum Building, which not only satisfies the basic functions of the hotel, but also reflects the characteristics of Southeast Asian resort architecture. At the same time, in transportation, more than 95% of the prefabrication of houses, as well as decoration and site Quick installation has put forward a series of high requirements. After repeated communication with customers and understanding of their needs, the Platinum Building team finally locked the solution-Platinum Building's patented design expandable box house.

The 20FT standard container is the basic unit. By adding slide rails and unfolding parts, a pull-out auxiliary box is added to the main box. This satisfies the requirement of low-cost transportation. It is transported in 20FT containers and can be expanded on the project site to achieve the effect of changing one room to two rooms. This is a patented expandable box developed by the Platinum Building design team, which can be used in different scenarios and provides a variety of options for customers' needs for space expansion.

"Let us experience the "day" and "night" of the resort hotel.."

The room is facing the mini swimming pool and outdoor wine bar. Go out of the room, jump into the water, order a drink, just a few steps.

Each suite has an extended deck, Southeast Asian style white canvas shade, you can enjoy sunbathing on the beach chair on the balcony. Each suite is designed with an independent courtyard, there is enough space for outdoor activities, and also has a private and independent space.

The main box of the room includes a living room, a dressing desk, a chair, a separate space and a well-equipped bathroom. The opened part of the auxiliary box becomes the bedroom. It is spacious and has a roof skylight design, which complements the lighting in the house and is very comfortable.

The simple and clean bathroom is ingeniously designed to make full use of the space and is fully functional and not crowded.

French window sliding door

In the evening, the romantic warm light from the room where the lanterns are held reminds the guests that it’s time for the party in the evening, and you can enjoy the food and Thai nights after you get dressed up.

Such considerate and warm small resort hotels are more and more favored by many families and couples. I think the guests must not be able to associate such a beautiful hotel with the cold shipping container. This is the creativity of Platinum Building, give you an idea and let the Platinum team help you realize it! The results will definitely surprise you!

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