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Factory prefabricated processing, durable, fast and convenient construction with no associated pollution.

Power and water can be used and can be removed at any time after use. The environmental impact is zero.

We can have doors, windows, tiles, vinyl floors, marble, carpets, bathrooms, offices

With the combination of increasing globalization and urbanization that is being observed across the globe, clients are looking for professional building suppliers, who can not only meet different requirements in terms of architectural functions in diverse regions but also contribute to modern day environmental protection and material recycle.

The use of  innovative building techniques, new materials and resources and personalized designs is an inevitable necessity for the development of the construction industry and evolution of living

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About Platinum

International designer, manufacturer and builder of modular and prefab buildings. 

New modern concept which incorporates high tech and environmentally friendly construction into the production and instalation processes.


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4 bedrooms
3 living rooms
5 bathrooms

Completed Project C Suzhou

Project CFrance-Apartment

Hotel Project

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Platinum team signed the Shanghai Disney project

Platinum Team Enhances Team Fighting Effectiveness through Team Building

Shanghai platinum group industrial development company won the outstanding member award of Alibaba hundred year customer club.

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